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allowing import class follow SRP

Today importExport class are to long and can't follow SRP if allowing DeleteAll Action.


It would be great if when we need to create an import we could just implement either a IImportAction or a IImportBulkAction



And let Ninject do all the work something like :

ImportProvider :


initialize(IEnumerable<IImportBulkAction> iabs, IEnumerable<IImportAction> ias)


IlookUpBulkAction= iabs.ToIlookUp(iab => iab.ImportType, iab);

IlookUpAction= ias.ToIlookUp(ia => ia.ImportType, ia);



and resolve Import like :


var bulkAction = IlookUpBulkAction.FirstOrdefault(ImportType)?.FirstOrDefault(Action == Action)

If(bulkAction != null)


return bulkAction;



var action = IlookUpAction.FirstOrdefault(ImportType)?.FirstOrDefault(Action == Action);

If(action != null)


return action;




return new BadAction(ImportType, Action);




that would allow us to just have to add a class that implement either IImportAction or a IImportBulkAction and register it to create / modify an import. All classes would be light and readable.



This wouldn't fix the problem of redundancy of the code but maybe we could look for a solution by making the import have something like a strategie pattern with import Part for selection of element.


like I need the identifier for two individual and for a formation, those would check if both individual exist and return the Id of each for example because as of today this code are highly duplicated across import.

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  • Jan 24 2017
Type Improvement
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